May 01, 2012

i usually don't do tags, just because i don't really have the time, but i really felt like doing this one.
so, xLangstrumpf tagged me, the title says it all :)

1)     where is your cell phone? bed
2)     your partner? jogging
3)     your hair? ombre
4)     your mom? stitching
5)     your dad? out
6)     favorite item? camera
7)     last night’s dream? weird
8)     your favorite drink? coke
9)     dream car? fast
10) room that you are in? mine
11) your ex? dunno
12) your fear? aging
13) what do you want to be in 10 years? rich
14) who did you spend last evening with? him
15) what aren’t you? fat
16) last thing you did? homework
17) what are you wearing? socks
18) your favorite book? Panem
19) what did you eat last? M&Ms
20) your life? awesome
21) your mood? normal
22) your friends? wicked
23) what are you thinking? what
24) what are you doing? typing
25) your summer? hot
26) when did you laugh last? today
27) when did you cry last? yesterday
28) school? tomorrow
29) favorite thing to do on weekends? out
30) dream job? office
31) your computer? on
32) outside your window? sun
33) beer? ok
34) mexican food? yummy
35) winter? cold
36) what do you hear? birds
37) vacation? soon
38) on your bed? me
39) love? always
40) style? different

i tag Swenya, TheresaDena and you!

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  1. oh, i love these little posts. and m&m's sounds perfect right about now! especially peanut butter m&m's ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Danke fürs taggen. <3
    Ich weis noch nicht, ob ich den Tag weitermache,
    weil ich jetzt die ganze Woche erstmal die restlichen
    Blogvorstellungen mache, aber ich verlinke dich auf jeden
    Fall noch fürs taggen. :) ;*

  3. mal ein cooler Tag, me like!

  4. wunderbarer blog und den tag finde ich richtig klasse. ♥
    gleich klauen :-)