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September 04, 2016

I've been noticing more and more that I do not like the things I see in stores. I find the selection quite small and there are different items in other branches across town. I like seeing all at once. I also dislike being hot from running around and while trying on wishing I was wearing the other pants or a different bra because it would be easier to figure out if I liked the item or not. I mostly like online shopping for the reason, that I can see everything I want in a sorted way and I can try things on at home.

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What I look for in online shops:
  • a wide price range - I like to invest in key pieces I know I'll wear a lot but be able to experiment with different styles without breaking the bank
  • decent quality - like I said, I like to choose my price range and I know that usually the lower the price the lower the quality but there is no sense in buying things that break within a week
  • free shipping and returns - I dislike the fact that I payed for shipping and returns when I didn't even keep any of the things
  • good filters - I love to be able to choose my price range, the color, my size and more before scrolling though 100s of pages
  • fast shipping - usually shipping at H&M takes about a month, I don't order there anymore simply because I'm too impatient
My current favorite online shop is Shipping is fast, their filtering options are amazing and if you order over a certain amount, then shipping and returns are free! Currently I'm looking for something new to try. I'd appreciate it if you left suggestions of your favorite online shops below. review contacted me and offered to let me choose some items from their website in exchange for a review. I happily accepted. I emailed back and forth with one of the ladies from costumer service and the replies were really quick.  They have some nice filter options which I like. Shipping took a little under a month but I think they ship from somewhere in Asia so I'm pretty sure that's just standard. They have an 18% student discount! The pricing is really good for their quality. Of course it's not top of the line but a pretty basic quality standard. I'll have some of the items in an outfit blogpost up sometime soon, so keep your eyes open for that! 

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  1. Asos is definitely my fav as well! Fast shipping, good quality and great prices as well. I also love shopping at Urban Outfitters :)

  2. Bin auch definitiv der Online-Shopping-Typ haha aus zwei Gründen: 1. Ich liebe es Pakete zu bekommen (auch wenn ich sie mir selbst bestellt habe) und 2. kann ich dann besser schauen, ob es sich gut kombinieren lässt und ob ich nicht zufälligerweise schon 7 sehr ähnliche schwarze Shirts im Schrank habe.

    Asos ist da definitiv unter den Favoriten (immerhin 10% Studentenrabatt), ist auch super (leider kein gratis Rückversand) und ansonsten auch gerne Zalando oder so :)


  3. Shopping online is a great way of shopping, and definitely comfortable haha! Xx

  4. Ich kaufe auch total gerne bei Asos ein! :)

  5. Online shopping is so much more relaxed, definitely the way forward! I agree completely: Asos has it all! Lovely post xx

  6. Love ASOS - also love Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack - they're so fast and have free returns/shipping and you can even return to your local store!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  7. Thanks for sharing !!!!! I want to shop this..

  8. I love ASOS but I'm still partial to going out shopping. I like leaving the house everyone once in a while!

  9. When it comes to online shopping I absolutely LOVE Asos. Also, Urban Outfitters and Zalando. Sammydress sounds cool - looking forward to seeing your outfits :)

    Love, Kerstin