Inspiration: Hoodie

April 02, 2017

Hoodies are everywhere in every way imaginable. Cropped or so oversized you can wear them as a dress. They come in every color - the bolder the better. Orange and yellow ones are trending. They're not really something I would wear, except for a black crop I wore in this post «here».

Disclaimer: These pictures are not mine and are taken off of

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  1. I live in hoodies, cropped hoodies are my new fave! x


  2. Ooh, this inspo post has given me a fresh take on hoodies - they look so super cool. I love the cropped look paired with the fishnets.

    // xx

  3. Das sind ja coole Modelle, aber ich besitze tatsächlich gar keinen Hoodie, obwohl ich gerne in pink oder rosa hätte :-*

    Melanie /