June 25, 2017

Do you feel it? The warm air, the free spirits. The laughter, hugs and adventures. Long days and late nights. Campfires and laying in the grass. Dancing under the sky between free souls. Swimming in the lake or ocean. Bare and sunkissed skin. Books you completely dive into. Sunglasses and smiles. That cute top you can only wear in the summer. Friendship, cheers to good company. This is what summer means to me.

I seem to be liking color, if you've noticed I'm not wearing a single piece of black in this outfit (jewelry doesn't count). I got a tattoo last week. I'm super happy with it and it actually hurt less than expected. I hung out with Mo, who took these pictures. If you want to check out some new music, I've been listening to Tom Misch recently. I'm heading to Off the Radar this weekend!
shirt - H&M
pants - thrifted
shoes - H&M
backpack - Fiorelli
sunglasses - store by the beach
choker - Sammydress

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  1. lovely :)

  2. Sehr schönes Outfit. Ich mag das. Dein Blog wächst ziemlich schnell. Stopp niemals diesen guten Job zu machen.

    Liebe Grüße
    Katrina von

  3. cute outfit

  4. In lo ve with croptops and this one suits you so good!! :)

  5. The tattoo is so cool, I love it. And this look it's perfect :-)

  6. In love with your spirit :) perfect soul


  7. Grat style and blog! Your new tattoo is really cute :)
    Thanks for your comment, I'm following you via GFC <3

  8. Love your outfit!

  9. this look is super fab!. i love it.

    lippie x

  10. Weiß + Rot = klasse Kombi <3
    Es fehlt eigentlich nur noch das im Sommer obligatorische rote Bum Bum Eis am Stiel (^_^)!!

    Liebe Grüße
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  11. Your tattoo is amazing. Love it!! :9

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