August 13, 2017

Take it in, take it all in. Savor those fleeting moments. 
Inhale, exhale. Exhale it all.
And rise above.
Well I'm back from France and am not as tan as I hoped to be but whatever. Too tan doesn't go with my instagram feed anyway. 
Only about two more weeks before I move away from Hamburg. I'm starting to gather things and pack boxes, sorting through everything. Nervous about moving away but it couldn't be better timing. I'm pretty content about the way things are going.
Purchasing new plants makes me happy and I take pleasure in writing in my many notebooks, making lists.
During my two week break from everything I was able to find the time and energy to read a couple of books. I want to keep on reading and will do so now.
These pictures were taken by Marc.
For people around HAMBURG - check out his event in September «here». I wish I could participate myself but I won't be in town.
Also make sure to check out his recently launched blog «here».

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  1. Where have you been woman. You are the shit!!

  2. Es hat mich sehr gefreut wieder mit dir zu shooten.
    Viel Erfolg für die Zukunft in Stuttgart! :)

    Beste Grüße Marc (Rikkert)

    PS: Morgen kommt mein Blogpost zum Shooting! :)