Thoughts on Sustainable Fashion

February 18, 2018

Before I start I'd like to say that I am in no way an expert about this topic.
Yesterday I met some lovely people from Future Fashion. They are a new movement for sustainable textiles and conscious consumer behavior in Baden-Württemberg. 
I am studying fashion and will be working in the fashion industry but I've never really thought about sustainable fashion in depth. Sure I know the basics but it just didn't play a big part in my daily life. I live in the fast fashion sense. I love buying new clothes and switching up my style quite frequently. What I do though is buy a lot of second hand. As you can see, 50% of this outfit is thrifted. Clothes I don't want to wear anymore I sell at flea markets, on Kleiderkreisel or I go to clothing swap events where you bring a hand full of clothes which are still in good shape and you get to take some new clothes home. Basically a free trading post for clothing. 
I want to start being more conscious about sustainability in general and I need to do a lot more research, maybe even come up with a specific system to integrate it into my daily life. There's an international fair about fair trade and globally responsible action in Stuttgart 05-08. April 2018 which I'll try to attend. I also want to call attention to Marie Nasemann and her blog Fairknallt, which is dedicated to sustainable fashion. Also check out Fashion Revolution if you're further interested in this topic. 
Please let me know what your thoughts are, link good articles and tell me what you do daily to help further the cause.
 jacket - TkMaxx
sweatshirt - thrifted
pants - thrifted
hat - Stradivarius
bag - thrifted
shoes - Dr. Martens
pictures are by Bele

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  1. Du siehst toll aus :)
    Deine Jacke gefällt mir.
    xx Katha

  2. I've really been rethinking the way I buy clothes and I've slowed my purchasing a lot over the past couple of years, I am trying to buy more second hand, it's a good way to grab a bargain and be a little kinder to the environment too! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far! The heatwave has gone so I'm enjoying the cooler weather. Even if it's still a bit humid, at least there is some rain :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Wow! Great look! Love the sweater so much.

    ♘ ♘

  4. Zuerst einmal: Schönner Look, wie immer ! Ich mag irgendwie den Stilbruch aus der Jacke und dem restlichen eher lässigen Outfit :)

    Ich finde auch, dass Second-Hand eine super Möglichkeit ist.. Neue nachhaltige Kleidung finde ich oft sehr teuer und die Auswahl ist nicht so groß bzw nicht unbedingt der richtige Style.. Second-Hand-Läden und Flohmärkte sind DER Shit :D
    Aber man kommt halt nicht immer drum herum, sich auch mal was nneues zu kaufen, wenn man was geiles sieht, aber ich finde wie du, es ist schon gut, ein bisschen was zu machen und ein bisschen mitzudenken und ab und zu seine entscheidungen danach auslegen, dass ist viiel besser als nichts :)

  5. hey dear,i like your post, it's a so important details,Amazing write-up,thanks for sharing.....

  6. This is such a great post (and outfit!), I've been trying to put more thought into really investing in pieces now, as opposed to more disposable fashion. At college/uni about 80% of my clothes were thrifted,so I def need to get back into the charity shop game.

    // xx

  7. You look gorgeous with this outfit babe! I've seen a documental some months ago about fashion, "The True Cost" I think... Try to see it because it has an important impact, and we see the things we are doing bad in fashion industry.

    Lot's of love!

  8. Ich habe so meine Probleme mit Second Hand (nie die richtige Größe) und ich finde leider oft die Kleidung von nachhaltigen Labels recht... seltsam. Da kann sich noch einiges tun, was Schnitte usw angeht. Es hat sich auch schon viel getan, was ich an den Kleidern einer veganen Freundin sehe. ;)
    Aber generell finde ich es einfach wichtig bewusst einzukaufen. Zu schauen, was man wirklich öfter tragen wird, was schon zu Kleidern passt, die man eh im Schrank hat usw.

  9. Hallo meine Liebe,

    Du hast einen tollen Stil, sehr schick :). Ich liebe die Fake Fur Jacke und die tollen Boots :-*

    Hab einen schönen Tag :-*
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Deine Faux Fur Jacke steht dir super! Gefällt mir total. Liebste Grüsse

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  11. This is my favorite and very interesting. dojin

  12. Anonymous11.6.18

    Huhu! Du siehst super aus ! :))) Die jacke ist echt der Hammer, ein richtiger Hingucker :)) Danke für diese tolle Inspiration! Hab noch einen schönen Tag und ganz viele Grüße aus'm sporthotel österreich ( ), Silke :)

  13. Anonymous29.6.18

    Oh man diese Jacke ist einfach der Hammer! Ich werde direkt neidisch :O :D :D....nein, ich danke dir sher für deinen Beitrag und die inspiration dadurch :)) Hab noch einen schönen abend und viele liebe Grüße aus'm defereggental hotel ( );) <3 bis bald, Stella ;)

  14. What would we be able to do as individual clients to be more sustainable in our fashion conduct? There are various things we can do as clients, starting from the decisions we make in acquiring new clothing, through how we deal with the clothing that we as of now have, to what we do with the clothing we never again require. longmire leather coat

  15. Thank you for the good and very helpful information. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.

  16. The sweatshirt and jacket are so cool.
    Sustainable fashion is never goes wrong ♥