CITY TRIP: Amsterdam

May 07, 2017

I visited Amsterdam for two days with a good friend of mine. We stayed in a hostel about a 20 minute bike ride from the city center.
 Whatever you do, rent a bike. I don't really like riding bikes too much since I'm a pretty lazy person but I had the best time riding my bike around Amsterdam. There are bike paths everywhere! You get to see so much more of the city than by public transport and walking.
 Visit the Bloemenmarkt but don't expect too much. It is definitely cool to walk through but don't expect to see bunches of flowers. Unfortunately the only patch of tulips we found were in the park.
We actually went to the park twice. It's great to take a break from biking around and sipping some wine after dinner.

The first day we spent trying out different cheeses right by the Bloemenmarkt and then bought ourselves some and a delicious dip to take home! Apart from cheese make sure to try some stroopwafels!
 We found this ice cream shop which had delicious creamy ice cream for a really cheap price!

Amsterdam has some great thrift shops. I bought myself this really cool retro jacket!
Also just wander around the Jordaan neighborhood where you can find cute shops and cafés.
My plan is to finish up my bachelors degree in Amsterdam so we checked out the university as well. I can't wait to move to this city!
 But the best thing really is just to sit by the canals and  picnic. We hardly spent any money there during our trip since the weather was great and we spent most of our time riding our bikes around. 
Here is a list of things we wanted to to but didn't get around to:
- watch the sunset at Pllek
- visit the Stedelijk museum (modern art)
- visit the Kattenkabinett (a cat museum with actual cats roaming around!)
Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What were your favorite things to do?

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  1. Amsterdam looks so beautiful!!!! I want to go there so badly! Thank you for posting this I'm going to save it! (:

  2. Richtig schöne Bilder, ich möchte so gerne auch einmal nach Amsterdam!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von

  3. I need to got to this place :) so cool . thanks for the comment

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    Stay Gold

  4. I live super close to Pllek! Glad you had a great time. Would be cool if you'd move here to study :)

  5. I'm following you! (please follow me back if you like my blog)

  6. Nice inspirations

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  7. Beautiful pictures
    The pink pineapple
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  8. aww wie schön ich muss da auch einmal hin, war einmal ganz kurz da aber habe nicht viel von der Stadt gesehen. Alles liebe meine süsse

  9. Ich war noch nie in Amsterdam, aber ich habe schon etlich schöne Eindrücke gesehen. Ich will die Stadt mir unbedingt auch mal anschauen :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  10. I've heard such great things about Amsterdam, especially their beautiful buildings and charming architecture, as well as how much people bike, so I guess it is a must when there, lol! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  11. Tolle Eindrücke! Ich war letztes Jahr zum ersten Mal in Amsterdam und ab nächsten Montag wieder für eine Woche da :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Laura von lauraskreativecke

  12. Amsterdam ist so schön !
    Tolle Bilder !

  13. Huhu, mir gefallen die Bilder mega gut.
    Amsterdam ist eine schöne Stadt.
    Liebe Grüße Alina